Sunday, August 11, 2013

When in Israel...

The last few days have seen a bit of an upswing in activity for us - we've shaken off the post-honeymoon fatigue and are starting to get out and about a bit more. 

On Friday, we mostly hung around until the evening, when we took a little walk on the beach and then went to a cute cafe on the mountain called Arabic for a delicious veggie salad and the best fruit smoothie I have EVER tasted.

Yesterday, we went back out to Shafa'amer to visit Shar's aunt - with the goats! - and another of his cousins. It was really neat sitting outside as people were letting off little paper hot air balloon type things from different parts of the village as part of their Eid celebrations. Very pretty.

Today, I had the true Israeli shopping experience of going to the farmers market (of sorts). It was a little chaotic, but awesome. I've never seen such fresh (and cheap!) produce in my life! I just kept the one rule Shar taught me once in my head as we walked around: if there's liquid on the ground, don't step on it. It's probably fish guts.

This afternoon, we took a trip with Shar's family to a fish restaurant in Acre that the family has been going to for decades. Acre itself was a total zoo today with tons of holiday tourists and a couple carnivals running. The driving was absolutely heart attack inducing. The streets are barely big enough for one car, let alone two PLUS crowds of people that are totally unafraid of being run over.

The fish restaurant itself was AMAZING. The fish was caught this morning and we got to pick out which ones we wanted. And by we, I mean Shar and his dad. What the heck do I know about picking fish? 

Now we're just relaxing at home and digesting. Looking forward to some more adventures this week! :)

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