Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back to normal - almost.

First of all, let me say that all of us here are thinking of our Toronto friends and family as you recover from the flood. We're beyond relieved that Muzart and our house are miraculously untouched - it was a tense wait this morning (since our 8am is your 1am) while we waited to be able to call someone. I hope power is coming back for you and that you take the opportunity to have massive BBQs to use up your frozen meats!

After assuring ourselves there was no disaster at home, we made a trip to Shafa'amer to pick up some homemade olive oil from Sharbel's Aunt. They have 2 goats and a rooster - I've never actually known anyone with their own goats! 

Following our visit there, we stopped at a store to pick up the wedding favors, and then at an ice cream store famous for one flavor - pistachio. Here is my handsome husband enjoying an absolutely gigantic cone:

I tried to take some pictures of the mountains behind Haifa while we drove, but they hardly do them justice:

Tonight, we took a trip to the main mall, called Grand Canyon (confusing, I know), to find an outfit for me for our beach wedding photoshoot. Success.

I feel like I must mention this - we passed a store on the way, presumably for pets, called Doggie Style. If you don't know why this is hilarious, I'm not explaining it further.

That's all for now - more village travels to come tomorrow (with more dedicated photography, I promise.)

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