Friday, July 5, 2013

Wedding Almost Planned!

We're finally starting to tick off all the boxes on the wedding planning. Here are some pictures I took outside of the photographer's studio a couple days ago:

We made it to the beach for the first time yesterday. Seriously, Canada - we need beaches where you can lie on the sand and be served beer. It's just the right thing to do.

This morning, we had a date with Goodlife, Israeli Edition:

Afterwards, we met our wedding singer (who is NOT Adam Sandler) for coffee, followed by another lovely visit with Rieta and her husband Yuri. Rieta told me today that my face in profile reminds her of Princess Diana. Love this woman.

Tonight, we had a great time with Sharbel's cousin Shadi and his wife Rawan, who took us out to a great sushi place on the mountain, followed by dessert on Ben Gurion (the main strip in Haifa):

Go figure a waitress would recognize Sharbel from the Jerusalem restaurant in Toronto. Totally weird. 

Looking forward to another slightly more relaxed day tomorrow - still not used to the fact that the weekend here is Friday and Saturday. 

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