Thursday, July 11, 2013

Relaxation at last, kinda.

Sharbel and I managed to get in a little bit of relaxation yesterday; a walk on the beach, followed by some time to pursue some of our separate pastimes:

(By the way, don't hate on me book-snobs, it's been a super fun read so far!)

We had planned to go to the gym, but, ironically, it was flooded. It's like they knew we were from Toronto.

In the late afternoon we took a trip out to the village of Jish to visit with some family. Jish is about an hour and a bit away from Haifa, not far from Tiberius (otherwise known as the Sea of Galilee), and literally a stones-throw from the Lebanese border. I regret that there wasn't really an opportunity for picture taking there, but it really is the Arabic village you'd see in some really romantic movie. Hilariously narrow streets too. 

The drive to Jish was also a highlight as you can see Tiberius from the road as you travel up and over the mountains. I did take some video and will try to upload it at some point!

We finished off the evening chilling with Shadi and Rawan for a bit before dealing with some automotive excitement (car pretty much eats oil, apparently) and getting safely home.

As for today, after our morning gym trip, we made another stop to visit Rieta and Yuri, followed by the seamstress who fixed my shirt for me. Afterwards, Sharbel took me to the best Falafel place in Haifa. Oh. My. God. I'm completely ruined for Ali Baba's falafel back in TO. Amazing. No words.

There's going to be a party for some of Sharbel's close family and friends in his honour at his parents' house tomorrow night, so today there were several aunts/friends/cousins at the house assisting Mona (Sharbel's mom) in making waraq dawali (grape leaves stuffed with rice and meat). We decided to get out of the way and go walk on a different beach:

I thought this bit of vandalism was cool:

(Bonus marks if you know what it means without googling it! Come on, choral singers!)

We've spent the last few hours tidying up the back patio in preparation for tomorrow, but now it's done. Finally time to sleep! :)

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